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Sessions 9 & 10 - In the Sewers! and Are you my Mummy?

It smells down here...

EP 9 Overview

In the sewer the group first find the row boat that the three people used to travel up the sewer pipe. It is fairly well hidden, and Leppy miraculously spots the trapped platform next to it. Stepping on this would have been very bad… in Leppy’s opinion.

Deeper in to the sewers the group treads until they come to a round junction with 5 other exits and a small stream of sunlight barely illuminating the area. The sunlight is coming from a small grate in the ceiling and at a rough guess the group work out they are about 30 feet below the streets of Eltruel.

As the group start crossing the gaps between the tunnels, the ambush is sprung; the combat escalates as first crocodiles and then cultists attack, but apart from loosing a javelin, the group defeat the cultist, then the crocodiles eat the cultist bodies, but unfortunately one cultist manages to flee deeper down the 4th tunnel exit. The group lick their wounds and follow in pursuit.

Deeper into the sewers the group goes until once more they are set upon by more followers of the Dragon Queen (but no crocodiles this time!). Eventually the group are victorious, but they are still no closer to finding the cult’s lair; and they are starting to wonder, ‘Just what is the size of the operation the Cult of the Dragon has below the streets of Eltruel…’

EP 10 Overview

With another group of Cultists dealt with, the group must make a decision. Do they turn left and investigate where one group of came from, or continue along the sewer tunnel and see where the crossbow wielding cultist’s came from? In the end they go left and follow yet more tunnels but believe they made the right choice as further on the tunnels have lit torches every 30 feet.

Eventually the group comes to yet another crossroad of tunnels – do they go straight, right or left? With Joseph at the front he concentrates and ‘Detects Evil’ and can feel a presence coming from the tunnel directly ahead, while left is a single ‘stronger’ presence. Torn between the two, this is when the group hear what sounds like chanting coming from the tunnel ahead. That is the one they decide to follow.

Down the tunnel the group head until they discover the glow of a light source coming from an almost closed door. In this room the group find bookcases, on which sit food and water, as well as some crates in one corner. It appears the cult is will stocked and are preparing for a long term operation. The important find is the stone stairs leading from the room, heading downwards with torches set every 15 feet or so. As the group investigate the chanting is heard again and then a scream of fear and pain and then all goes quiet. The sound has echoed up the stairway tunnel so the group move forward to stop whatever is going on below.

The tunnel ends at a doorway to a very large room or crypt and the group can see crates in the corners and other locations. In the center of the room is a large bloody altar and strapped to it is a naked man screaming very colourful words at his captors. Standing over the man is a High Priest of the Cult of the Dragon, poised with a dagger set drive in to the heart of his victim. At each end of the altar is a cultist, chanting to an insane rhythm only they can hear. Nearby the altar is a pile of bodies; other poor unfortunates already sacrificed in the Dragon Queens name. The thing that really gives the group pause is the fact that there are FOUR sarcophagus’s situated at the four points of the compass in the room; they could mean nothing of course. (GM Note – such a paranoid bunch…)

With no thought given for his safety, Joseph is first to enter the room, calling on the power of Torm to aid his hand. Behind him comes the others and Mojo casts sleep upon the altar area, including the captive tied to it. The two cultist at either end collapse as does the captive (Percy).

Lothar leaps into the fray and removes the High Priest’s head from his shoulders in one sweep of his Great Axe. The head goes one direction and the body slumps over Percy, waking him from his slumber and covering him in blood.

It is at this moment the sarcophagus closet to the group opens and a Mummy walks towards Joseph and Kal the dwarf. (GM Note – okay so maybe the were right to be paranoid…) Fortunate for the pair, the Mummy is unable to hit either of them. Kal calls upon the divine power of Moradin and banishes the Mummy from his site – the Mummy high tails it towards the altar. The fight continues with everyone (except Mojo and Leppy) rushing towards the Mummy to help slay the undead creature! The group are successful in dealing with the Mummy, but not before Lothar takes one hit from it and is dropped to single figures (GM Note – it was ‘just’ one hit but I got the attention of ALL my players! It felt good…)

The final blow is landed by Lothar who takes the head off the Mummy with another awesome blow and the body of the Mummy turns to dust and cloth. Lothar then collapses from the cursed placed upon him, but over the next hour Joseph calls upon his powers and Torm grants him the ability to cure the curse.

Meanwhile the others search the room, after releasing and introducing themselves to ‘Percy’, the captive. Percy does despicable things to the remaining cultist prisoner before killing him. The group find 3 potions (2 look the same – they are red in colour), 14 copper and a scroll.

Percy’s Journal #1


I thought it was all over.. lying there on that cold bench, starkers, I could see me life flashing before me eyes. And as that loony cultist raised the dagger, I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable strike. But it never came… or more precisely it came in the form of a charging barbarian. But it wasn’t my life that was snuffed out, it was the loon the barbarian had targeted and with a neat flick of his wrist, separated the loony from his head.

It was at this point everything went black. When I came to I noticed a group of shipmates who offered me the chance to extract revenge on one of the breathing cultist. Being as angry as I was, I could only think of one thing that would let the cultist know how upset I really was.

…. and so I had the cultist “assume the position”

After I had made the cultist understand my pain I decided to follow these landlubbers. I mean they had just saved me from Davey Jones Locker, so I owed them.

And Percy always pays his debts….

After Percy is ‘finished’ with what he is doing, he explains that the ‘High Priest’ the group killed was not the ‘actual’ High Priest’. The person they killed came in about 5 to 10 minutes before the groups arrival, spoke with the High Priest and then the pair proceeded to change clothes. The real high Priest escaped through a secret tunnel in the rear sarcophagus. Percy also says that he and his fellow prisoners were being sacrificed to the Dragon Queen, whomever that is!

Percy indicates the 7 bodies that lie in a pile on the floor with their hearts removed.. and then goes ‘Seven? There should be NINE as i was the last to be sacrificed!!!" Were the last two plants by the 1st Mate to make sure Percy ’died’ here? He is not a happy pirate! Percy then goes about and creates a make shift set of clothes and armour before the group (with Percy) go to the rear sarcophagus and open it. Behind is a secret exit that leads down a short tunnel to the cages he and his fellow slaves were locked in. A quick search does not reveal much apart from another tunnel leading out. Percy says he was blind-folded when he was brought down here from a large building, and knows he crossed two iron-bound wooden doors across the sewer in different locations before getting here.

A decision is made by the group to head back the way they came in and investigate the other ‘evil presence’ Joseph felt. Back tracking is easy and eventually the group arrive at a dead end but can see another ledge across a set of badly rotted wooden planks. On the other other side is also a door and behind the door is the presence. Leppy checks the planks and says that while they are not trapped, they are not very stable. What they do instead is use a crossbow and fire a bolt into the opposite wall \ door and have Joseph and Kal anchor it while Leppy and others go across. The rope is just a guide to help them balance and get across safely. Unfortunately no one falls in the sewerage…

The rope is secured at both ends and the group investigate a small 5 foot alcove that leads to another iron-bound door. The door is very well made and looks like it has been here for a long time beneath the streets of Eltruel. The door is examined closely and Leppy is asked to check the lock. Inspection of the lock reveals that it was already picked and no longer functions; Leppy adds that the lock has been like this for for a good few years. Percy, in his wisdom, steps back a few feet and does a short charge at the door – it does not move. Not to be dissuaded, he tries again, but this time gets a running start from across the planks and launches himself at the door in a magnificent, but pointless charges. Percy hits the door HARD, cracking his shoulder and collapsing in a heap.

On the side of the wall near the door is very old writing that says “Here lies the tomb of xxxxxxx (has been scratched out). May his tortured soul find peace.” Mojo and Kal believe the door to be magically imbued and something is blocking the door from the inside. Apart from a little dust, Percy’s charges did nothing. The door is made of some kind of wood and bound by iron and there is NO rust on the door… Joseph and Kal provide healing to Percy and the group head back to the slave cages to see if they can find the way Percy came in.

The group follow the one tunnel out of the slave pens area until they get to secret what appears to be a dead end, but they know this is not he case. The secret door is easily located (from this side) and they step out into the main sewers once more. Percy is not sure which way to go but knows that he crossed to wooden ‘bridges’ to get here. A quick scout of both ends of the sewer has the group going left and along over first one ‘bridge’ (really a re-enforced door) and then they get to another. The group cross the ‘bridge’ and then have another choice; ‘up’ goes to another ‘bridge’ (and Percy is fairly sure it is not that way) or they have two paths to investigate. The group know they are in the right area as there are torches in this area.

A search is conducted and a sealed door is found, well hidden but not quite as well as the door that lead to the slave pens. the door is opened and a staircase is found. Percy says he remembers stairs (now) and so the group go up until they come to a large double set of re-enforced wooden doors. The doors open easily, and the group step up in a warehouse with a number of crates, a closed in wagon and other boxed items. A quick search of the warehouse reveals there is no one here. A set of stairs go to an office area but nothing of value is found and there is no indication as to the real owners of the building.

The group decide to have Leppy organise the items in the warehouse for sale while the rest of the group head back to the ‘Pair of Black Antlers’ Inn to report what has happened.

End of Session.


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