Crimson Brotherhood - HotDQ

Session 13 - A Dockside Stroll

Trade - The life blood of Baldur's Gate.

After the confrontation at the Fox Traveller, the party decides to head back to the Sailor’s Arms and spend the night before heading out the next morning to investigate the warehouse, or perhaps head back to the Fox Traveller. There was some discussion that perhaps not all the party should (GM – Split the Party? Yes please!) but in the end they all agree to travel down to the docks and check out the warehouse in the morning.

The next day the party eats and then head down into the lower dockside area. Once there the general area appears to be a normal bustling dock area with goods being loaded and unloaded from the flotilla that has been waiting much of the night. It is here that Percy hears a ‘bell’ sound and he has a flashback of when he was brought ashore as a slave. Eventually Percy leads them to a jetty which he believes is the location where he was ‘off loaded’ and taken underground, though he is not completely sure.

A look around the area leads the party to investigate one particular warehouse that is currently all locked up and is separated from the warehouses on either side by a small 3 foot wide gap. Meanwhile the party also discovered a hidden ‘platform or secondary’ jetty under the main one! This ‘jetty’ or walk way is submerged about 2-3 feet below the waterline, but as the tide goes out it will eventually be revealed. Percy is sure that was the place where he was unloaded! Mojo offers to go over the side (in broad daylight) and tie a rope from one pole to the next and see wherever it leads. Joseph does not like this idea as it might give the party away as to what they are up too, but they do follow the path back and can see that it leads to a sewer opening that is currently half under water. Around twilight that day it will be ‘open’.

So instead of going in to the water and the sewer opening the party decide to follow the left hand side path down the side of the warehouse, hoping to find a manhole entrance. The path eventually leads the party behind the warehouse and into back alley’s before ending up in a lane. Here they do find a manhole and nearby a child that is watching them, which the party threaten and he races off heading straight for his mother. After opening the manhole Joseph descends and says that the tunnels is covered in water and human excrement – he is not going into it!

Mojo in the meantime is looking around with Percy and they see a figure walk into a shop back down the lane. The pair investigate and can see that it is a tackle, rope, sail repair and supplier shop and wait for the current customer to leave before going in to chat with the owner. Mojo is able to find out that the ‘individuals’ in the warehouse do have a special deal \ arrangement (seems ‘likely’ that money has changed hands) with the Flaming Fist patrols in the area so that they all ‘look the other way’ at certain times. Normally the warehouse is open but at the moment it is closed.

Mojo heads back outside and relays this information to the others who have all come over after closing the manhole entrance. It is at that point the party see someone attempt to exit from a hidden door at the rear of the warehouse; the person looks in their direction and immediately jumps back inside closing the hidden door.

Percy charges at the location of the hidden door and bounces back, but leaves a large crack in the wood and weakens the door, so he runs back and charges again. This time he goes through the door and unfortunately knocks himself senseless after hitting the pile crates inside the warehouse! (GM – he ended up wearing one as a helmet… just before he lost consciousnesses. I thought it was funny!)

Battle soon begins as the players spread out through the warehouse (GM – I split the party!), taking damage from Dragon Cultist, Thugs, two shadow minions and a sorcerer. The battle goes on all through the warehouse and in the end the party is victorious (GM – I rolled REALLY badly, even with advantage a number of times… I hate my dice… but all characters were hurt). After consolidating their position and doing a quick check of the warehouse the question is asked – ‘Where are the stolen goods and \ or slaves?’ Nothing looks out of place, but they do have two prisoners they can ask…


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