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Session 11 - Drinking Games

Not everyone can hold their liquier!

Session Overview

The group returned to A Pair of Black Antlers with a lot of the ale barrels from the warehouse the cult had used. Here the extra barrels are given to the members of the Order of the Gauntlet, while Mojo and Percy get down to a drinking contest. This brings about some betting by the audience as well as the Order love games and drinking!

Percy’s Journal #2

It’s nice to be out of the sewers, and it looks like we are going to see Pussy Boots people to report. I wasn’t sure an inn full of stuck up Paladins would be somewhere I would like to heave too and anchor, but when I found out they really only did three things, Pray, Fight and Drink – things started to look up. Mojo and I decided we would share our grog with the Paladins, but we kept the best for ourselves. Mojo suggested a drinking challenge and I accepted. (like I wouldn’t) We both got to 11 drinks still standing… (or sitting to be honest) before the lack of food and sleep got the better of me, and I projected all that grog in one great foul burst of vomit. There had been heavy wagering and while Mojo won, I agreed with him it had been right fun and we would do again soon!!

End Journal Entry

GM NOTE – Mojo is the final victor by not falling off his chair after downing his 11th drink, or bringing it all back up. Percy unfortunately drinks his 11th and brings it back up along with everything else and collapses in a heap on the floor; this includes lying in his own vomit and excrement. Mojo stays where he is for a few hours, while Percy is dragged outside and ‘cleaned up’ while the tavern is disinfected. Money from those betting changes hands.

While Mojo and Percy drink, Karathor goes to meet with Leosin and Ontharr while Lothar has food and drink and watches the pair drink. Joseph goes upstairs to his room to pray to Torm and get some guidance on what has been happening. Karathor explains what happened down in the sewers to Ontharr and Leosin and the pair are shocked by what the group found and did to help eradicate the problem. Members of the Order of the Gauntlet with the City Watch will investigate the cult’s base and see if they can find any other clues. Karathor also says they found Percy on an altar about to be sacrificed – who knows how many people have died at the hands of the cult.

A few hours later Percy and Mojo are ‘awake’ and Joseph comes back downstairs to eat. Not long after eating the group head into the private room for a meeting with Ontharr and Leosin. The up shot from the meeting is for the group to head to Baldur’s Gate and see what is at The Fox Traveller Tavern and what leads they might find out in locating the right caravan that is taking the Cults treasure shipments north. There is a contact in the Outer City of Baldur’s Gate the group can see called Ackyn Selebon. Ackyn operates an equipage business in the district of Blackgate near the north wall in the Outer City. Ontharr will also provide the group with 50 gold each for expenses.

Percy’s Journal #3

Pussy Boots reported in next morning and after I had been cleaned up in the trough outside I was also questioned by the Paladins regarding the cultists. Pussy Boots decreed that we would be heading to Baldur’s Gate to find and destroy the cultists, and with that one line he strode out. (I mean who is this guy?!?! and why does everyone follow him?!?)

Mojo and Karathor took me to the emporium and kindly outfitted me with a very nice chain shirt. Actually I was quite chuffed. These landlubbers don’t know me from a yard arm but were willing to put down their own money to outfit me. They also spring for some new clothes and nice knee high boots. It’s been a long time since someone has done that to me. I wonder what they want? Regardless that rates with me, so I decided I would come along, and hey maybe I could extract some revenge on these cultist also.

The Paladin’s booked us passage on a barge to travel down river to Baldur’s Gate. I don’t think any of these guys have been there before, but I’ll need to be careful. There is a good chance I could be recognised, and there is the matter of that open warrant out for me regarding that goat, the woman and her husband. But surly that would have blown over now!! Before we travel I manage to find a cheap whore who I rub one out with. I’m certain after I am done that she has never had better :)

We make it to Baldur’s Gate and make our way to Pussy Boots contact. After we head to a tavern I know well – The “Sailors Arms” I manage to keep a low profile around the Flaming Fist Patrols, but they do stop us to try and get us to sign up. I do notice there are way more here now than the last time I was here. Must be to do with all that trouble a few months ago.

End Journal Entry

The only way to move about Baldur’s Gate is to walk as live stock are all kept in the Outer City. Even so it takes the group 15 minutes (plus) to leave the dock area and locate the Emporium of Wondrous Items near the actual Baldur’s Gate that leads to the Upper City. Percy says that you really have to have a good reason to go in there to trade (Percy never had a reason to go!). Joseph enters quickly and marches straight up to the proprietor, Bartholomew, of the Baldur’s Gate Branch and hands over the metal box and says job done and leaves. The others are surprised by this but say little.

From here Percy’s says that to get to the Blackgate district the group will have to leave the Lower City and head to the Outer City. The trip takes a good hour or more; the city is alive with people going in all directions and there is a lot of Flaming Fist Patrols going too and from the Lower and Outer areas. Percy does not remember things being so secure and wonders at what has happened in his absence.

Eventually the group arrive at Ackyn Selebon’s equipage business. Inside are people busy working on repairing wagons and getting all matter of goods ready for transportation. Joseph asks to see the manager and is pointed to the office. Inside the group meet Ackyn and he gives the group the low down.

  • since the death of the Grand Duke (who was also the leader of the Flaming Fists) the Fist’s have clamped down on everything and tightened security in the Lower and Outer Cities.
  • the Guild has had some set backs in the Outer City but will not take the Fist’s on in open warfare.
  • The Cult of the Dragon has not been on the radar of the Fist’s as it was always the death Cult of Bhaal that was the threat to the city. Unless the Cult of the Dragon does something to ‘bring notice’ to the Fist’s things will remain the same for now.
  • Tensions are running very high in the city and the Cult of the Dragon has used this time to expand and move ‘treasure’ northwards via the many caravans that travel towards Daggerford and Waterdeep.
  • Ackyn does not know what caravans the Cult are using – no one is talking and the Cult is hiding its presence well.

Ackyn says that he will make discreet inquires and work to get the group ‘hired on’ to a caravan that has a chance of being a ‘right one’. From here the group leave and follow Percy’s advice on a place to lay low for the rest of the day.

Percy’s Journal #4

I suggest to the lads to wait at the Sailor Arms until night fall; to make the trek through the gate to the Outer City afterwards closer to dusk would draw Flaming Fists like flies to a dung heap. Entering the Sailors Arms gives me a really good feeling. It is the first piece of familiar I have had for about 5 months. I notice Mal (the Day Manager) behind the bar. Never really liked that c#cksucker, (GM NOTE – the feeling is mutual) so I’m going to wait to talk to Ford (the Night Manager) – he should be here by dusk.

Pussy Boots very directly tells us he will be striking down the cultist without leniency or mercy. And I don’t think he really cares if we all come or not. I can see Mojo is a bit alarmed at this, but personally I itch for a chance to carve some payback out of that cultist leaders hide. So I will be right there with Pussy Boots.

End Journal Entry

The afternoon passes quietly with a number of Flaming Fist patrols going past the tavern. There are also a few off duty Fist’s in the tavern drinking so obviously some kind of arrangement has been made with the establishment. Percy says that the best person to talk to is the Night Manager of the Sailor’s Arms, one ‘Ford’. He tends bar at night and might just be the right person to talk to so the group discuss ideas on what to ask.

General Group Questions for Ford the Night Manager:-

* How come there are so many Fist here?
* Are the Fist looking for someone?
* Has he heard of the Cultists and their activities? Are they working with someone?
* Do you know where the Cultists are? Or a contact they have?
* While it is clear the Fist are patrolling the Lower City more, what are they doing in the Outer?
* Does he know of any Fist who already take bribes? (as we may try the same)


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