Crimson Brotherhood - HotDQ

Session 12 - Fox Hunting

A Fox by another name

The late afternoon and evening pass by with little to report though the groups take careful note of the amount of Flaming Fist patrols that go by. It has never been like this. Once the Night Manager Ford starts his shift, Percy is able to ask some private questions and well as the general group questions they had.

  • How come there are so many Fist here? ANSWER – after the death of the Grand Duke and leader of the Flaming Fists, the troops were ordered to clamp down on the seeder parts of the city, which was in reality anywhere outside the walls as the Thieves guild has been blamed for the death.
  • Are the Fist looking for someone? ANSWER – anyone that gives them a reason to be looked at. The locals keep their heads down and give the Fist’s a wide berth.
  • Has he heard of the Cultists and their activities? ANSWER – Are they working with someone? There are rumours about the Cult of Dragon and the reports from the south have reached the city. There has been no attempts made to attack Baldur’s Gate as that would be suicide for the Cult. The Flaming Fist’s are well trained and brutal to anyone that would disrupt the cities trade. There is an inn in the poor quarter called ‘The Foxtraveller’ that may have connections.
  • Do you know where the Cultists are? Or a contact they have? ANSWER – See above.
  • While it is clear the Fist are patrolling the Lower City more, what are they doing in the Outer? ANSWER – Death of the Grand Duke – Thieves to blame obviously and the currently leader of the Fist’s hates crime with a passion. Pirates are worse though. Pirates are to be detained on site or discovery.
  • Does he know of any Fist who already take bribes? (as we may try the same) ANSWER – There is an ‘arrangement’ in place with certain members of the Fist’s that patrol this area to help keep things civil at night and to also look the other way. Murder though is stopped.

After eating and waiting for answer, the party, led by Joseph, head towards the Foxtraveller Inn. When they arrive they discover the door locked and thick curtains have been drawn. Because of the time of night it appears that the premises is closed for the evening, but this does not stop Joseph who pounds on the door demanding entry. After no response, Joseph charges the door and on the second attempt breaks through.

Inside is a strange sight – the tables all have boxes on them and they are being ‘packed’ for shipping. The ‘workers’ in the room have moved back and have taken up defensive positions while the owner demands to know what is going on. Joseph says that the owner is in league with the Cult of the Dragon and demands the truth. This method does not work well as 1. the party is outnumbered at LOT and 2. members of the party are not interested in fighting here, right now as the odds are against them! Then there was the Hell Hound that appeared as well and that did not help the party’s moral!!

Level heads eventually prevailed and information was passed on – there is a warehouse near the docks that certain individuals are staying at that will be leaving on a caravan very soon. Eventually the party leave but not before some money is left to pay for the door and secondly Joseph says he is watching the owner…


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