Crimson Brotherhood - HotDQ

Session 6 - The Shrine of the Dragon

Of Temples and Eggs

Session Overview
The Dragon Shrine to Tiamat is explored and the Half-Dragon and Frulam are fought and defeated; though the group were worried that failure was definitely on the cards! But in the end they were triumphant. From there the group went into the Dragon Hatchery room and deal with the Kobolds but do not touch the guard drake in the pit with the eggs. Eventually though they notice they are being watched from behind them and see a winged shape fleeing down the other tunnel the group has not yet investigated. The dwarf looks at the ceiling and walls of the dragon shrine and works out the best way to collapse the tunnel to the dragon eggs to help stop the cults plans for them. Next session the group will head down the tunnel after the winded creature they saw.


Novalar Novalar

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