Percy "The Butcher of Brues" Scarlet

Pirate Warrior


Percy is a very big unit at 6"4 275 pounds, dusky skin, massive shoulders, oozes strength. Barrel chested (from to much drinking) but still light on his feet (excellent swordsman). Big Ned Kelly bushy black beard and hair to shoulders. Ice Blue eyes, yellow teeth – one gold.

Percy is loud bombastic and a bully. He walks to the beat of his own drum. He can use most weapons, but prefers to wield two large slashing weapons. For a big man he is surprisingly coordinated, something many an opponent hasn’t lived to regret.

Percy wants to one day own his own ship and chart his own destiny. He has a weakness for drinking, fighting and is superstitious as most sailors are, particularity cats (which a witch had read to him as an evil omen) and the number 5.


History Percy Scarlet

Percy grew up on the streets of Zatesapur (in Tethyr). He never knew his parents, and from a very young age was exposed to the underbelly of the city, just fighting to survive. When he was in his early teens Percy managed to escape the city life and get work on a merchant ship as a cabin boy. He loved the sea and spent a number of years getting work and learning the sailors trade on trawlers, merchant ships and navy vessels until the trader ship Percy was on was attacked and sunk by pirates. Captain Blood of the Bloody Lion saw potential in young Percy and decided to make him part of the crew rather than execute or make a slave as he did all others on-board.

Percy took to the pirate life like a duck to water. He had always loved the sea, but now revelled in the thrill of the chase, the clash of steel and laughing in the face of death. Percy started being noticed by the Captain and it wasn’t long until the young pirate started getting promoted until he reached the exulted position of first mate of the Bloody Lion. (which he achieved by murdering the previous incumbent)

Percy became a truly awesome figure. With his massive frame and strength, his foul temper and iron will, Percy carried out the Captains orders to the letter and would not brook any disobedience from the crew. The crew quickly learnt to disobey Percy was to dice with death. He became almost as feared as the Captain.

But it wasn’t until the Bloody Lion sailed into the port town of Brues that Percy really started gaining a reputation for fear and horror. As first mate Percy led the ships crew to shore to sack the town, and called out to the towns folk to drop all weapons. When they instead attacked the crew Percy flew into a rage and set about butchering any who came before him – men, women, children, he didn’t care. In the end over 80% of the town were slaughtered and a large number of them were killed personally by Percy.

The crew were in shock. They had seen Percy fight before, but has been stunned by the brutal savagery displayed by Percy. It was a story that was told, and retold on the ship and in taverns when the crew were on shore leave, about the massive first mate, standing completely dripping with blood, hacking left and right killing all before him, no pity, no compassion. From that display Percy started being known as the “Butcher of Brues”

It all started going wrong for Percy when the second mate died. Not withstanding it was Percy himself who killed the second mate, as revenge for him informing the Captain that Percy has stolen grog. Once Percy had gotten out of the cage, he had found the second officer on his own and had beaten him bloody and unrecognisable. The man had quickly died, Percy denied any involvement.

At the next port while the crew were on shore leave the Captain had managed to find a new second officer. A female called Catherine (Cat for short). Catherine was light to Percy’s dark. Where Percy orders were followed through fear, Cat managed to get the crew onside. It was not a good time for Percy and he started to feel his authority slipping away as Cat’s authority strengthen. Percy decided he needed to deal with the woman once and for all.

But before Percy could finalise his plans Cat beat him to it. She had Percy brought up on false charges that made it look like Percy had committed treason against the Captain and had betrayed the crew on the Bloody Lion. He was captured and thrown in irons.

After being ridiculed by all and tied to the ships bow (right next to the ‘red cat’) Percy was smuggled into Baldur’s Gate Slums (a sometimes favourite haunt for the Bloody Lion’s crew) secret slave pens and sold to a ‘special’ buyer along with a number of other poor unfortunates. He does remember getting a lot of stares of hatred directed his way since Percy were responsible for some of these poor souls being here!

And yes the slaves did gang up on Percy once and beat him almost to death (Cat let it happen) but the other slaves did not bother after that. From Baldur’s Gate Percy was moved to another location and forced to sleep in terrible conditions that people would not put an animal through. His new owner was strange and remained hidden at all times, always talking softly, which made overhearing anything said impossible.

During the second month of captivity half the ‘slaves’ were moved and Percy never saw them again – though he did get the impression wherever they were going was going to be better than what was hinted at for him and the other remaining slaves. Once more Percy was moved from whatever underground complex he was in via sealed barge and wagon to another warehouse and the linked sewer system. And then one by one Percy’s fellow slaves were dragged away by purple robed nut jobs and thugs to a fate he could not see, but could guess. There was no way to escape. While Percy was scared he was more angry that he would be killed before he could extract his revenge on Cat, Captain Blood and the crew of the Bloody Lion.

And then they came for Percy! Strapped to an altar, clothes cut off, he looked up to see a large dragon statue overhead and in the corner a pile of bodies… all his fellow slaves with their hearts cut out. Percy readied himself for the end. But one thing he vowed, he wouldn’t go quietly.

Percy "The Butcher of Brues" Scarlet

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