This campaign is located in the Forgotten Realms 4th Edition setting in a kingdom I have created called the Duchy of Greenwood. The Duchy is made up of the ducal seat of Greenwood and four (4) Baronies. The Baronies are called Knightsmark, Hawthorne, Hammerfast and Therund, the last being a recent addition to the kingdom.

Duchy of Greenwood

The Duchy is located in the Western Heartlands of Faerun. In the official campaign it is in the no man’s land south of Elturgard and north of Amn. The Duchy is made up of four (4) Baronies and the ducal lands. Two of the Baronies, Hawthorne and Therund, are located to the north of the Snakewood. The Ducal seat of Greenwood sits in the centre of the kingdom in the fertile farmland situated between the Snakewood and the Werewoods. To the south is the Baronial seat of Knightsmark which borders the Cloud Peaks and the Snakewood and has a tentative border with Amn, while to the south-west of the ducal seat is the Barony of Hammerfast.

Ducal Seat of Greenwood

The capital of the Duchy and a major commerce centre for all goods travelling north and south. A number of villages dot the landscape as collection points for produce as the land is fertile and farming is the lively hood for most families. Most villages normally have a blacksmith, tannery, granary, bakery, stables and warehouse for storage. Stored goods are then shipped to the capital and surrounding baronies by wagon.

Barony of Hawthorne

Apart from the town of Hawthorne, there are a few villages that again act as collection points and help feed the locals. The exception is the town of Greenest that does some lumbering and tending flocks of sheep on the hilly pastures around the town. An expert herbalist lives on the edge of the forest west of the town. Greenest is about 10 miles west from Hawthorne. Hawthorne is located on the new trade road. The Barony has no fixed northern border, but it is assumed the law of the Duchy stops about 10 miles south of the river to the north.

Barony of Knightsmark

The place where many of the original members of the Brotherhood came from and began their adventuring careers almost a decade ago. The town of Fallon still hails the heroes as the ‘Protectors of Knightsmark’ and the locals take great pride in the fact that the new group of Crimson Brotherhood started in their town. That and the fact the players saved the township. A few of the villages that were destroyed by the cult have never been resettled but there have been many hardy folk that have returned to their homes thanks to the warnings the players provided so long ago.

Barony of Hammerfast

To the west of the ducal seat is the Barony of Hammerfast which runs along the northern border of the Cloud Peaks and north to the edge of the Werewoods. The eastern border stops a few miles before the Sword Coast Trade Road. Hammerfast is a dwarven \ human community that allied many years ago with the Duchy due to a possible threat from Amn. The bond between the Duke and dwarves is strong and said to go back many years before the dwarves became part of the Duchy. Hammerfast became the 3rd Barony of the small kingdom.

Barony of Therund

Located due east of the Barony of Hawthorne is the most recent member of the Duchy. Five years ago the populace of Therund proclaimed the long standing mayor, Perenon Therund, their leader and voted that they should join the Duchy of Greenwood for mutual protection and safety. For many years the township had been approached by representatives of the surrounding area, but during the cults expansion only forces from the Duchy made any difference in protecting the people of the area. The Paladins of Torm, based in Elturgard, helped turn the tide at two major battles and have a small presence in the barony still. So far it has been the best decision the townspeople have even made. The lands of the Barony technically extend to the edge of Lands’ Mouth and the Troll Mountains, though in reality the town of Moonstair near Land’s Mouth is the patrolled border. Again most families of the Barony are farmers, though with the increased safety in the region, there is some small lumbering taking place in the southern part of the barony.

Trade Links

There are established trade links to Berdusk to the north and Amn in the south but the Duchy is very watchful of both in its dealing. Main exports are food and some lumber but the people of the Duchy only take what they need and do not over cut the woods. The mines south of Hammerfast bring in much of the Duchy’s wealth and the quarries of the barony are a major source of stone.

A new trade road was built and goes from the Sword Coast Trade road via Hammerfast, then up through the centre of the Duchy to the capital of Greenwood. From here the road continues north and south. South leads to the Barony of Knightmark and the town of Fallon, while the northern trade road continues to the township of Hawthorne and then on to Berdusk, Elturgard and the Barony of Therund.

Before the Spellplague, the old Uldoon trail acted as a link between northern Amn and Berdusk but much has changed since then. The old trail is now deep in the forest and the Duchy’s scouts and rangers are the only ones who really use it now, though some locals do know it exists. The old trail also acts as an unofficial western border through the Werewoods. There are a variety of were-creatures in the forest but they have not tried anything strange towards the Duchy for many years. Reports from scouts indicate that the were-creatures remain to the west and north of the forest.


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