All Things Change…

The original Crimson Brotherhood Campaign was a D&D 4th Edition game set in the Forgotten Realms around 100+ years after the spell-plague. This group was made up of survivors who banded together to defend their family and friends. Then the heroes re-united six years later to celebrate the Duchy’s good fortunes and to catch up on events. But fate intervened and once more the Duchy and the surrounding lands were set upon by an unknown enemy that wanted nothing but revenge! (These events are detailed on the Greenwood History Page)

Now it is time for new heroes to come forth and have their deeds etched in history, and so it is approximately 5 years since the last campaign started. As part of the change and the release of D&D 5th ED, I have changed systems and will be running the Hoard of the Dragon Queen for a new group of players. It is up to them defend the Sword Coast.

Crimson Brotherhood - HotDQ

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