Welcome to the Forgotten Realms!

Years ago, local villagers and townsfolk called you the “Protectors of Knightsmark”. The Duke of Greenwood praised your efforts in thwarting a cult and slaying the Gnoll Shaman responsible for the death and fear that was stalking the land. Many friends were lost but you know they will never be forgotten. Thanks to the Duke’s generosity, the newly formed Crimson Brotherhood was able to help the Duchy rebuild and grow and become a place of safety in a land filled with danger.

After this, some members of the Brotherhood left the Duchy to see what the world had to offer, while many stayed for this was their home. Time has passed and now all are returning home to see each other and to celebrate and honour your friends and fallen comrades at a festival the Duke is putting on in honour of the Brotherhood.

The Crimson Brotherhood Campaign is a D&D 4th Edition game set in the Forgotten Realms 100+ years after the spell-plague that ravaged the land. Your character is one of the survivors, a local who banded together with others to defend family and friends many years ago. It has been six years since you have seen those you fought with and you are looking forward to returning home.

Crimson Brotherhood

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