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Campaign Introduction

This campaign, Crimson Brotherhood, is set in the Forgotten Realms Settings approximately 100 years after the Spell-plague that ravaged the world. The main location for the campaign is the Duchy of Greenwood, located in the region north of Amn and south of Berdusk. The players are all native to the area and became local heroes when they defeated a cult lead by a Gnoll Shaman who was attempting to conquer the surrounding lands in a rampage of blood and fire. The Duke of Greenwood, himself a retired adventurer, created the ‘Crimson Brotherhood’ and provided a local manor to the group as a base of operations within the Duchy. Six years have now passed and a reunion of the Brotherhood is only days away. The members all vowed to return for the celebration and as that time draws near, there are strange goings on once more.

Wiki Overview

The Adventure Log gives readers a quick overview of each session. Enjoy the read!

The Characters Page lists PC’s as well as NPC’s, introducing the many friendly, unfriendly and neutral people the players meet in their travels.

The Locations page gives details on the places visited and a history of the Duchy of Greenwood.

I will also (eventually!) update the map page with an overall map of the area where my campaign is based.

Main Page

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